Welcome to International Network for a Better School Climate. It is a free online resource, offering information for teachers, staff, school-based health professionals and parents about researches and good practices focused on good school climate.

The founders of this network are academics and educators from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland and Serbia who took part in the international conference “For a Better School Climate: Learned Lessons, Visions for the Future” in Sofia August 2010. The conference was organized by Foundation Madara-Bulgaria with the support of East-East Partnership Beyond Borders Program of the Open Society Institute.

We wish that this network becomes a meeting point for international co-operation that aims at mobilizing the educators and researchers in the field of education for overcoming the common problems in school through co-operative modern solutions.

Our goal is to promote positive and sustained school climate  breaking the bully-victim-bystander cycle, nurturing social and emotional, ethical, and academic skills,
We hope that this web site supports your teaching, learning and/or parenting. Please do let us know what additional resources and guidelines you believe will help us to raise safe (from physical and emotional harassment), responsible and happy children.

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